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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Trying to Combat Start-itis

Hi everyone,

I'm Lisa in Houston, Texas. I blogged about Two Steps Forward, One Step Back yesterday. I have lots of charity knitting to complete by the end of the month, so I didn't even post my long list of UFOs. I have some projects on the needle and others that haven't been started that were promised long ago.

My September goal is to finish my charity knitting. I've started mittens and socks, but I also want to knit a sweater for

I will be thrilled to finish these two in the next couple of months. I have other UFOs and will need to take an inventory of everything hidden away.

1. Samus: I have finished all except for the sleeves, but this has been sitting in my basket since last Winter.

2. Shapely T-shirt: I knitted most of this last summer, but for some reason put it down. Again, I think I only have the sleeves left.

My biggest problem is stash-related. I've planned so many projects that haven't been started. So my plan is to finish things on the needles and use up my stash.


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