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Monday, September 04, 2006

Opening List

Hi everyone,

I thought I would post my opening "UFO list" and then go from there when showing new finished projects (or documenting the frogged ones) as well as starting new ones. This is the same ending list as the closeout one on the UFO August blog but I added my two new projects that I cast on (under the theory that I earned it by finishing 9 in August.) Going forward though, I'm going to finish two before I start one. Look forward to seeing everyone's list as well as newly cast on items!

Projects Still in Need of Additional Knitting
1. Stitch Diva Knitted Bodice (started 9/1 for KAL)
2. Bob's Big Wool basketweave cardigan from Men in Knits - finish left front; do right front, sleeves - gift knitting
3. Peg's garter stitch vest - webcast/gift knitting
4. coral CeCe in Calmer - all pieces are joined and need to knit up to finish remainder of front and back
5. Debbie Bliss lace/bobble jacket - fix pattern (rip few rows back) and finish back: may come back to this closer to spring as this is a spring item

Projects that Just Need Sewing/Picking Up Stitches
1. Noah's v-neck Yarn Girls "Mikey Liked It" pullover - sew
2. fuschia Cork baby sweater - sew
3. Greek Pullover from Interweave Knits – sew
4. Noro V-neck – sew
5. Jaeger Natural Fleece V-neck with "fur" trimmed sleeves from JB 38 – pick up neck, sew

Injured List/Questionable
1. Green Gable in Brown Sheep Lilac Haze - fix or RIP
2. Plymouth Napa ballet pullover from Interweave Knits back issue - finish sleeves or RIP
3. yellow/orange cork garter ridge sweater from Rowan Cork Collection – fix or RIP

So August 1st I had 20 projects in process - 9 finished = 11 WIPs +2 started = 13 ending inventory (yeah, I know - that accounting again - a convoluted knitting version of the cost of goods sold formula)


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